Become a Coach

Become a Coach and Develop Your Coaching Skills

Coaching skills are critical to your success, whether in your role as a manager or leader or as a profession. How can you become a life coach or an executive coach? Wright gives you a variety of ways to move your coaching skills and career forward. Whether you are looking for a formal graduate certificate or degree or simply want to launch a life coaching or executive career, we have an option for you.


• Wright – Coaching training

• Wright Graduate University

• Graduate Certificate-Transformational Coaching

• Graduate Certificate-Social Intelligence for Leadership and Coaching

• Graduate Certificate-Emotional Intelligence for Leadership and Coaching

• Master’s Degree-Transformational Coaching and Leadership

• Ed.D.-Transformational Coaching and Leadership (WGU)

To learn more about how to make your coaching training part of a formal graduate certificate or advanced degree, go to or call 262.742.4444.

Coaching as a Career

Wright has been training and developing coaches for over 20 years, long before “life coaching” became an industry buzzword. Our approach to coaching is not for the faint of heart. Wright’s coaching development is a fit for you if you want to:

• Immerse yourself in your own personal development to maximize outcomes for your coaching clients

• Live “on the edge” in an exciting, dynamic way as you step outside your comfort zone and get supported to build a dynamic coaching practice

• Tap gifts, insights, visions, and dreams you didn’t even know you had while serving others

Let’s be clear – if you’re pursuing a coaching career as a vehicle to escape from your own failures or to get away from dealing with your boss, we are not a fit for you.

We train coaches to fully walk the walk and work on their own successes so that they can truly coach others to do the same. From this perspective, the coaches we train are dedicated to developing and transforming themselves so they can become high-integrity transformational agents with their clients, coworkers, and in all areas of their lives. It’s a challenging, but incredibly fulfilling road.

Coaching Curriculum

Whether you have already begun your coaching career or are just considering the options, we have a way for you to get started now. The core coursework in our coaching curriculum is:

  • Year of Transformation (beginning with the Transform Training)
  • Advanced: Nourishment & Self Care Transformation Lab
  • Advanced: Personal Power Transformational Lab
  • Coaching and Communication Empowerment: Listening and Presence
  • Coaching and Communication Empowerment: Reflecting and Mirroring
  • Coaching and Communication Empowerment: Grounded Leadership
  • Coaching and Communication Empowerment: Planning, Actions, and Accountability
  • Professional & Leadership Coaching

Becoming a Coach at Wright

Wright’s Coaching Institute is always looking for dynamic individuals to add to our own coaching team. Coaching candidates must engage in our curriculum, meet certain requirements, and demonstrate a base level of competencies and trajectory for success. We’ll provide continual coaching supervision, assistance in growing your coaching practice, and a top-notch infrastructure and support system. To learn more, call 312.645.8300 and ask for our Director of Coaching.


• Be more effective as a leader by enhancing your coaching skills

• Create a rewarding, fulfilling, and financially successful coaching career

• Enhance your coaching skills so you can create solid outcomes with your coaching clients

Getting Started

You can launch your coaching career while taking coursework. The best way to identify the appropriate first step is to set up a coach assessment meeting with our Director of Coaching. Call 312.645.8300 and we’ll help you identify the best next step to move you forward in your coaching career.