Our Methodology

Our research-based methodology is backed by to-the-minute findings in neuroscience, positive psychology, education, behavioral economics, and more. Our programs help people from all backgrounds boost both their social intelligence and emotional intelligence to get more out of life—every day.

Our Community

We’re CEOs. We’re artists. We’re parents.

We are none and all of the above and everyone in between.

We come from all backgrounds, careers, and faiths—and here’s what we all have in common:

We each want to craft a life story worth telling.

Join a growing community of people bursting with a true zest for life.

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Stop rehearsing. Start living.

Empower yourself and/or your team by learning how to develop key leadership skills and become more authentic, conscientious and effective leaders. You’ll learn how to be a more effective risk-taker and how to get ahead in your most satisfying career path. An immensely satisfying work life is within your reach. We’ll help you get there.
Learn to cultivate robust, dynamic, thriving, and resilient relationships with your loved ones. Discover how to reach inside yourself, open the lines of communication, and fully engage with the most important people in your world.
Take your life to the next level. Discover how to bring out the most awesome YOU in the universe by learning social and emotional intelligence skills. (You know, the stuff they didn’t teach you in school or on the job.)
You'll learn to live more purposefully and have greater results in your life, experience every interaction as spiritual and celebrate learning and understanding more about who you are and who you want to become.

Jump ahead in your career and relationships – FREE Life project planner and e-course that lays a roadmap to lasting results.