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    Beyond Time Management:
    Business with Purpose


    Beyond Time Management demonstrates the power of doing business with meaning. It shows the reader how to be more effective while experiencing greater fulfillment and success as a business person and leader.

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    Foundations of Lifelong Learning and Personal Transformation


    A rich journey into the academic foundations of the Wright process as it relates to lifelong learning and personal transformation. Based on 35 years of consumer research by Dr. Bob Wright and Dr. Judith Wright, Foundations presents a map for personal growth and development.

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    The CARE Profile: Getting Along With Anybody


    The CARE Profile workbook is a tool designed to help you learn more about your personality and how best to enhance your natural social and relationship skills.

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    The One Decision


    Making a One Decision and choosing a life of more purpose, fulfillment, satisfaction, love, career, and worldly success is a definitive act, one that will separate your life into the time before and the time after. Your One Decision leads you to be the very best. Discover why experts from Deepak Chopra to Tom Peters recommend it.

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    The Soft Addiction Solution


    Get more time in your day, more money in your pocket, and more meaning, satisfaction, and fulfillment in your life by releasing your Soft Addictions—the seemingly harmless habits that rob you of time, energy, and satisfaction.

Heart of the Fight book

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    Transform! for Spectacular Life Projects DVD Home Study Course


    The Transform! for Spectacular Life Projects course will start you on a journey toward having more of everything you desire.

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    Transform! for Spectacular Life Projects Online Home Study Course


    This course will allow you to experience the key concepts for getting more out of each and every day. Through the course you will gain access to a proven technology that has helped thousands of people achieve their dreams and goals.

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    The Science of
    Spectacular Living


    Transformed! integrates and blends the best of personal development and human emergence research and trainings into a powerful model called Evolating which emerged from research on what it takes to live a radiant, authentic lives in all areas.